ExCetra Cream Product Information

New: ExCetra Cream

51% less expensive than Cetraben® Cream!

ExCetra’s balanced blend of ingredients helps people manage dry and eczematous skin by softening, re-hydrating and protecting it from irritants.

ExCetra Cream contains:

Light Liquid Paraffin – to replace lost skin oils

White Soft Paraffin – which forms a protective barrier on the skin surface

Glycerin – to soften and hydrate dry and cracked skin

ExCetra Cream is SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) and Paraben free, is not tested on animals, nor does it contain any ingredients derived from animals
ExCetra Cream should be applied as liberally and frequently as possible. Ideally emollients should be applied every 4 hours or at least 3 to 4 times per day.

ExCetra Cream:

Same lipid formulation as Cetraben Cream, but 51% less expensive!

ExCetra Cream Cetraben Cream  
13.2% White soft paraffin
10.5% Light liquid paraffin
4.5% Glycerol
Emulsifying wax (SLS-free)
Cetostearyl alcohol
Citric acid monohydrate
Trisodium citrate dihydrate
Purified water
Price/500g presentation £2.95 £5.99

ExCetra Cream is available in the following presentations:

     ExCetra Cream 100g                            ExCetra Cream 500g


                                    NHS Price £1.75                                     NHS Price £2.95

If you would like further information or samples of ExCetra Cream, please contact us.