Epimax® ExCetra Cream

EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream is designed to help you manage problematic, dry and eczema-prone skin

EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream’s blend of ingredients helps people manage dry and eczema-prone skin. Its balanced formulation helps to treat dry and eczema-prone skin by re-hydrating and protecting it from irritants.

EPIMAX® ExCetra cream contains:

  • Light Liquid Paraffin – to replace lost skin oils
  • White Soft Paraffin – to form a protective barrier on the skin surface
  • Glycerin – to retain moisture in the skin and improve skin softness

The exact balance of these three ingredients results in previously eczematous and dry skin becoming softer, plumper and smoother with improved skin elasticity.

Suitable for sufferers of all ages, EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream helps to relieve discomfort, reduces the itch and the need to scratch it. Convenient to use, EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream’s recyclable Flexi-dispenserTM allows for easy and accurately measured applications throughout the day.

How to apply EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream

EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream is easy to apply. The cream is packaged in our Flexi-dispenserTM, helping you avoid mess and waste while ensuring easy and measured direct applications to the skin whenever you need them.

  • Apply to the skin as often as required or as directed by your pharmacist or doctor, to ensure continued hydration throughout the day. We recommend that you treat your skin as frequently as possible, or as a minimum at least twice a day
  • Apply liberally to the affected skin, as often as you feel the need to, ensuring that the area is well covered
  • Smooth in gently into the skin in the direction of hair growth until absorbed
  • Avoid rubbing the cream vigorously as this could trigger itching, creating more heat and soreness in the skin
  • Apply your emollient before and after you bathe to protect your skin from dryness

EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream in the shower or bath

Many soaps and shower gels contain fragrances and detergents and other potential irritants that may make your condition worse – in fact these are among the most frequent triggers of atopic eczema.

EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream can be used as a non-foaming soap substitute which cleanses, softens and moisturises dry skin. It also helps prevent skin drying and restores its natural protective function.

How to use EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream as a wash

Apply EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream to wet or dry skin before every wash, bath or shower, just as you would apply a liquid soap or shower gel. Rinse off and pat dry with a soft towel, avoiding rubbing. You should still be able to feel the product very lightly on the skin even after drying

EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream can be used with other emollients and/or prescribed treatments to treat dry skin conditions.


EPIMAX® ExCetra Cream is available in a 100g tube and a 500g Flexi-dispenser and can be prescribed by your doctor or nurse prescriber and can also be purchased from pharmacies.

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard.
Adverse events should also be reported to Aspire Pharma Ltd on 01730 231148.
For more information about the Epimax® range please see the abbreviated prescribing information.