Epimax Cream Product information

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Epimax Cream: 61% less expensive than Diprobase® Cream!

Epimax Mother and childEpimax Cream is a well established emollient formulation which is non-greasy, free of known sensitising agents such as SLS, lanolin, parabens and perfume and can be used as a leave-on emollient and as a wash for babies, children and adults with dry and eczematous skin conditions. It can be used for the follow-up treatment with topical steroids or in spacing such treatment.
Epimax Mother and Daughter

Epimax Cream – Cuts emollient prescribing costs.

Epimax cream has an equivalent lipid formulation to Diprobase but is 61% less expensive and is even 31% cheaper than aqueous cream!¹
Epimax Cream is the cheapest SLS-free emollient cream available, at only £2.49 per 500g presentation.


Epimax Savings – Up to £500,000 per CCG

Epimax Cream can cut most CCG’s emollient prescribing costs by between 36 – 64%

Prescribing Epimax Cream could save CCGs up to £500,000 per year¹

Epimax Cream is only £2.49 per “Easy Squeeze” 500g flexi-dispenser™!

Epimax100g and500g Epimax Cream is available in 100g tubes at £0.75
and in our “Easy Squeeze” 500g flexi-dispensers™ at £2.49

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