Isomol Gel Product information

Isomol Gel50% less expensive than Doublebase® Gel!

Isomol has been formulated with a high lipid content to provide patients suffering from eczema or other dry skin conditions the benefit of long lasting moisturisation, similar to that achieved with ointments, but with the cosmetic and non greasy properties of a gel. Isomol returns elasticity and softness to eczematous and dry skin without feeling sticky or greasy. Isomol Gel has the same lipid formulation as Doublebase Gel, but is significantly less expensive, allowing CCGs to halve their emollient prescribing costs.

Isomol Gel:

Same lipid formulation as Doublebase Gel, but 50% less expensive!

Doublebase Gel Zerodouble Gel Isomol Gel
Isopropyl Myristate 15%
Liquid Paraffin 15%
Price/500g £5.83 £4.90 £2.92

It’s hard to believe Isomol Gel 500g is just £2.92 per 500g and is 50% cheaper than leading emollient gel brand Doublebase® Gel. No wonder so many practices and CCG’s looking for savings are turning to Isomol,  making it their emollient of choice.

A First Choice Emollient for Cost Effective Prescribing

Isomol Gel 500g

Isomol Gel 100g



Isomol Gel 500g is in our unique “Easy Squeeze” Flexi-dispenser™ which has none of the potential contamination issues associated with tubs and is 100% recyclable, whilst providing a 98% evacuation without the wasted expense of a disposable pump.

A logical choice for sensitive skin

Isomol Gel is free from the sensitising agents found in many  emollient formulations, making it a logical choice for patients with sensitive skin. Isomol Gel is SLS-free, Lanolin-free, Parabes-free, Chlorocresol-free and Fragrance-free.

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