Epimax Cream: Use as a “Wash”

Epimax cream has been specifically formulated so it can be used both as an emollient cream and as a Wash to replace soaps and shower gels for patients with eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

Epimax Cream is available in our unique  “Easy Squeeze” 500g flexi-dispenser™ and in a 100g tube presentation

Ordinary soaps and shower gels contain fragrances and detergents and other potential irritants that may make your condition worse – in fact ordinary soaps and detergents are among the most frequent triggers of atopic eczema.

Epimax Cream can be used as a non-foaming soap substitute which cleanses, softens and moisturises dry skin. It also helps prevent skin drying and restores its natural protective function.

Epimax Cream is:

  • Soap- free
  • Detergent – free
  • Fragrance – free
  • Lanolin – free

How to use Epimax as a Wash

Apply Epimax to wet or dry skin before every wash, bath or shower, just as you would apply a liquid soap or shower gel. Rinse off and pat dry with a soft towel, avoiding rubbing. You should still be able to feel the product very lightly on the skin even after drying

Epimax can be used with other emollients and/or prescribed treatments to treat dry skin conditions.